America’s Dumbest Idea: Creating a Multiple-Choice Test Generation

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Standardized testing means more rote memorization and less time for creativity. Students aren’t prepared for college and life.

Marci Segal, MS‘s insight:

How might the multiple choice generation realize its creativity when it is being taught to revere the test?

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  1. This topic just gets my blood boiling because my son is among the victims of these stupid ideas. Our kids were used as educational guinea pigs for their entire K-12 years by the ivory tower educational intellectuals for whom they are just a statistic (a now a mark of failure). Yet we as parents and taxpayers have to absorb the fallout in numerous ways from re-educating our kids ourselves at our own expense to having to support adult children who were left lacking the skills and resources to follow the traditional path from college to work. But for the kids themselves, it will have a devastating impact on them for a lifetime. Just as math is cumulative (once you fall behind, it’s hard to catch up), so are job opportunities and lifetime earning potential. We have left these young people at a distinct disadvantage in both areas domestically and when compared to their peers internationally. Just remember that when we are all old & vulnerable and THEY are the generation at the helm. It’s a shame they don’t band together as a generation and class action sue; for that matter, their parents could join them for all the annually rising tax money thrown at this horrible experiment for decades that turned out to be a monumental failure. I would be willing to bet those born between say 1990-2000 will prove to be one of the least upwardly mobile & collectively poorest generations in decades.

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