Maslow's Creative Attitude: For Facilitators, Leaders and Catalysts

Use psychologist Abraham Maslow’s inspiration to bolster your leadership and facilitation as WCIW 2015 catalyst. Other leaders may also find this wisdom helpful when  looking for ways to embed the creative attitude in day-to-day life.

The  Creative Attitude ( in Abraham Maslow, The Further Reaches of Human Nature, 1971, p 57 – 71).  Book review here (recommended reading, especially the small section on Work and Creativity).

  • Being in the present: Giving up the past; giving up the future
  • Innocence: Giving up should’s and ought’s
  • Narrowing  Consciousness: Releasing fear of other people, drop masks, express true inner self
  • Loss of Ego or Self Consciousness: Less criticizing and editing; less selecting and rejecting; less judging and weighing; less splitting and analyzing of the experience.
  • Inhibiting Force of Consciousness (of Self): Release doubts, conflicts and fears
  • Fears Disappear
  • Lessening of Defenses and Inhibitions: Become less guarded, act on impulse
  • Strength and Courage: Stubbornness, Independence of thought and action, self-sufficiency, strength of character; Popularity is a minor concern
  • Acceptance: The positive attitude: Give up criticism (editing, picking and choosing, correcting, skepticism, improving, doubting, rejecting, judging, evaluating)
  • Trust vs. Trying, Controlling, Striving: Trust in self, Self confidence, courage, lack of fear of the world
  • Receptivity: Let it happen
  • Permission to Dip into Primary Process: Poetic, metaphoric, mystic, primitive, archaic, childlike
  • Aesthetic Perceiving Rather than Abstracting: Savor, enjoy, appreciate, care all in a non-controlling, non-intruding and non-interfering way
  • Fullest Spontaneity: Concentrate on the matter at hand; let capacities flow forth easily from within; adapt to the situation
  • Fullest Expressiveness (of Uniqueness): Honest expression, naturalness, truthfulness, lack of guile, non-imitativeness
  • Fusion of the Person with the World: As Hokusai said, “If you want to draw a bird, you must become a bird.”


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