We See Men As More Creative, And That's A Big Problem For Women

Stereotypes prevail according to a study at Duke University about gender differences and creativity.
New research finds that we tend to associate creativity with stereotypically masculine traits like risk-taking, self-reliance and adventurousness. The series of four Duke University studies, recently published in the journal Psychological Science, suggests that as a result of this bias, people are likely to rate men’s contributions as more creative than women’s.
“[T]he perceived association between these stereotypically masculine traits and popular understandings of creative thinking creates bias in judgments of men and women’s creativity,” Devon Proudfoot, a Ph.D. candidate at Duke and the study’s lead author, told The Huffington Post in an email.
Sourced from: www.huffingtonpost.com
This is important. What implications of this can you imagine?
Ach.  Does it matter, really? We all have the capacity, let’s use it. That’s what World Creativity and Innovation Day, April 21 and World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 are all about.

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  1. “We” conjures up a meaning all on its own – which argues that maybe gender and we are somehow linked. Of course the world press often decides that “men” are much more “in anything” because that is just how the world “thinks” on average….
    If a woman takes a stand and makes the world news, somehow we get the impression “she wasn’t on her own, another preferably male” was really the creative…
    can you see I’m not happy 🙂 on this matter!

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