5 Common Myths about Creativity

photo credit: http://www.andreawedell.com/training/creativity-training/
photo credit: http://www.andreawedell.com/training/creativity-training/

“Mention the word creativity, and people begin to squirm in their chairs. The very thought can prompt anxiety, fear, and doubt – even in the most accomplished professionals. Let’s explore some common myths, and uncover the truth behind this “fuzz.”
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As WCIW approaches (6 months from now – April 15 – 21) it’s good to keep in mind the kind of push-backs you might get from others when you propose your ideas for celebrating.  Review this article, to be prepared….
Wondering, what other push-backs or objections to celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 have you had in the past?

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