7 Ways Leaders Can Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week

In our busy world, it can be challenging to make time to advance your innovation agenda and cultivate the creativity in the people around you. The development of new thinking, new ideas, and new actions often winds up on the back burner. So why not leverage World Creativity and Innovation Week (April 15-21) to gain momentum on perplexing problems or seeking opportunities?

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Welcome to World Creativity and Innovation Week Apri l 15-21.  Shout out to the Banff Centre, Peter Lougheed Leadership Institute for posting this article. Wishing you inspired and inspiring connections this week and beyond.

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  1. Erie Community College, City Campus in Buffalo, NY is embracing WCIW in many ways. The Current Issues in Health class, through CPS process, decided to hold class at the picnic tables outside of the baseball stadium on Monday. Coffee, board games, conversations, and drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk will happen. (yes, the snow has melted in Buffalo, NY) The same class will be playing Musical Chairs in the Atrium on Wednesday. Personal Health class will decide next week what activities the group will play in the gym for class. The Health, Phys Ed & Recreation Club will be hosting an Ultimate Frisbee event in honor of WCIW. A new energy has emerged within the class as a result of being involved in the planning of what the class will do as a group in celebration of WCIW.

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