9 Creative thinking on line tools – Free!

photo credit: http://www.andreawedell.com/training/creativity-training/
photo source: http://www.andreawedell.com/training/creativity-training/

Looking for some new thinking to use during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 this year?  Here are 9 resources to play with to spark your creative thinking engines.  Remember the criteria for creativity: novel, useful, surprising ideas, decisions and/or actions.

Have others to recommend?  Please list them in the comments section.

1. IdeaChampions Free the Genie free trial.  It’s an online area to be directed through solving a challenge in stages.

2. Roger von Oech’s creative Whack on the Side of the Head.  Click on the upper left corner of his webpage for a view  his daily idea stimulus cards.

3. Eyewire – Creativity card simple thought stirrers. Downloadable, you can make your own cards from their pdf to carry around.

4. New & Improved has 15 online, downloadable Gator Breaks – ways to overcome knee-jerk negative reactions to ideas.

5. Creativity Toolbox by Peter Lloyd gives online help to anyone who is stumped in a number of areas:  brainstorming, mind mapping, name generating. Lots of fun here, even a quote generator! Creativity Toolbox.

6. Like playing with words?  Here’s a random word, phrase, sentence and paragraph generator.  Lots of potential here.  Click any of the words below the website name: watchout4snakes.

7. More into visual that verbal?  Here’s a site where you can create your own Picasso Head.

8. Looking for or have practical/business ideas?  Check out  Idea A Day for practical suggestions and insights.

9. New trends in thinking and business based on social, technological, environmental, economic and political shifts  can be found at the World Future Society website.

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