One thought on “Funny Topics: 35 Everyday Things That Are Fascinating Under A Microscope”

  1. “Steal Like an Artist” provides practical advice, in a succinct and often witty style, to people who create things in this modern world (as Kleon points out, “that should describe all of us”). The tone isn’t presumptuous or arrogant; it’s written like he’s talking to a friend. His insights are surrounded by quotes, illustrations, and several poems in the style of his newspaper cutouts, making the read all the more pleasant. “Steal Like an Artist” isn’t a long book, and that’s awesome. You can easily pick it up and read through a few chapters for a quick injection of inspriation.Also: I would highly recommend buying the print version; having this little square book in your hands, easily flippable and reachable on your desk, is worth spending an extra 44¢. You won’t regret buying this handy little guide.

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