Scholarly support for celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 to 21 

Let’s loose creative energies this World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21. It’s in our nature.  See the quote below.

WCIW is a social innovation – join in, be a WCIW Agent.  Make space for creativity and innovation to thrive. Post your creative action here

“Human beings are inventive.  The capacity to explore new possibilities to create and to change is part of what defines our species.  Humans are also a social species, highly dependent on each other for the creation and maintenance of the world in which we live. The rules and beliefs which make up cultures both define and limit people and at the same time provide the material they need to create novelty. This has been defined as the paradox of agency (Friedland and Alford, 1991; Powell and DiMaggio, 1991; Sewell, 1992; Holm, 1995; Seoul and Creed, 2002); that as individuals, as social beings, people are both deeply conditioned by and dependent on the continuity and stability of the social systems they have invented. Additionally, they are capable of altering these through both conscious and unconscious effort.”

France’s Westley and Nino Antadze, Making a Difference:Strategies for Scaling Social Innovation for Greater Impact. The Innovation Journal: the Public Sector Innovation Journal, Vol. 15(2), article 2.

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