World Creativity and Innovation Week is for Everyone

Creativity is not just artistic expression, but it is the ability to bring something new into being – be it an idea, a solution, an activity, an object, a perspective, or a representation of something.
Creativity and Aging: Tap into your Potential!Creativity is part of everyone, not just “geniuses,” and we don’t have to be born with any inherent qualities or raised in special circumstances to be creative.
Every person is endowed with the spirit of creativity in many forms of expression, such as art, science, politics, hobbies, relationships, advocacy and community involvement.
Our individual potential for creativity is enhanced by qualities such as self-motivation, resourcefulness, independence, curiosity, sense of challenge, and desire to seek something new and different. None of these are set in stone for any individual.
Our personality, life experience, and circumstances surrounding us can activate these potentials in all of us. Each of us, because of our unique inner resources and external influences, has the capacity for unique creative discovery.
Anyone can benefit from exercising  “creative muscles.” For example, creativity:
• Strengthens our mood and morale
• Contributes to physical health
• Enriches relationships
We use  personal creativity every day: Perhaps it is planning a new garden, generating possible solutions to a community issue, making up a new recipe, figuring out a new way to knit an item, or coming up with a new way to teach your grandson to tie his shoe. The possibilities are endless.
Make a note to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 by engaging in one new idea, making one new decision, and/or  taking one new action that will make your place in the world better and make the world a better a place.
(text adapted from by Mary Staackmann

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