WCIW 2016

Creative Activities for WCIW 2016 from all over the world in reverse alphabetical order.

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Listen4Insight—a compilation of podcasts on creativity, innovation, and leadership. These podcasts are conducted by the Lockheed MiamiIdeasMartin Leadership Institute engineering students at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Listen4Insight was developed in conjunction with Miamideas, a campus-wide initiative inspiring creativity and innovation. We know there are many people that use innovative thinking every day. Listen4Insight creates a home for these ideas to live, grow, and be shared.
Miami University, Oxford, Ohio  www.listen4Insight.com
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To reveal the creation of the world’s first warp drive technology, STDTS(TM) as the ultimate example of both creativity and innovation and how it was accomplished by not only having an intimate and extraordinary understanding of both concepts and how to implement them, far beyond that of anyone else, but the resistance that faced it – as an example of the resistance that faces many creative ideas and innovations, which must always be overcome.
April 20th at 2 PM, Grandview Heights Library
1685 W. 1st Ave Grandview Heights, OH.
AET RaDAL, Grandview Heights, OH
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Launching a mobile app ACCELERATE CREATIVITY that is full of games and workouts that build a member’s creative skills. Progress is measured by creativity experts.
Artsgenesis Creativity, Inc. Buffalo, New York
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Erie Community College, City Campus in Buffalo, NY is embracing WCIW in many ways. The Current Issues in Health class, through CPS process, decided to hold class at the picnic tables outside of the baseball stadium on Monday. Coffee, board games, conversations, and drawing chalk pictures on the sidewalk will happen. (yes, the snow has melted in Buffalo, NY) The same class will be playing Musical Chairs in the Atrium on Wednesday. Personal Health class will decide next week what activities the group will play in the gym for class. The Health, Phys Ed & Recreation Club will be hosting an Ultimate Frisbee event in honor of WCIW. A new energy has emerged within the class as a result of being involved in the planning of what the class will do as a group in celebration of WCIW.
Erie Community College, Buffalo, NY
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Today, April 15, two of our international undergraduate students in creativity, Aierfan Maierdan and Vaibhav Sharma, are presenting their research topic, “Mindfulness Shapes a Happier Life: The Importance of Positive Thinking and Confidence,” at the SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference in Cobleskill.
Saturday April 16 and Saturday April 23 my Creative Studies 304 students will be facilitating Creative Problem Solving sessions for community partners. There will be 8 students tomorrow and 6 next Saturday at the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center.
Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
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We asked Kristin Fields to do a session for Talent & Development professionals on “Bringing Creativity to the Classroom”. This session helped those professionals go back to their jobs and make changes to their environment and how they impact and engage creative people (aka – everyone they encounter).
Buffalo Niagara ATD, Buffalo, NY
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Our Buffalo Creativity Salon group enjoyed viewing Marci Segal’s Tedx talk, Angels Advocate on YouTube tonight. She challenges us to affirm and value creative ideas rather than criticizing or dismissing them. This led to an energetic and creative discussion. Altogether an auspicious way to celebrate the first day of World Creativity Week.
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As a technologist and financier working with artists and other creatives in my neighborhood in Jersey City Heights to bridge the gaps between artists and artistry, and technology and finance.
John Matthews, Jersey City, New Jersey.
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On Wednesday, April 20, we are offering our 3D Innovation workshop, which brings together members from across the university and empowers them to do some hands-on innovation.
Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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My Psychology of Creativity class will be creating games in teams to practice and experience the creative processes we have discussed in class. On World Creativity Day each team will share their game and share their experience of “creating”.
Boston University Metropolitan College, Boston, Massachusetts.
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Our community outreach for World Creativity and Innovation Week 2015 was a huge success so we’re once again collaborating with likeminded community partners to celebrate a week of creativity and innovation. We are hosting free local events around our community and running multi platform social media campaigns to encourage people to think differently and share ideas and suggestions on how to apply creativity to life, family and community.
Florida Film Academy, Winter Garden, Florida www.flfilmacademy.com
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A panel dialogue at the Connecticut Science Center on April 15 about fostering creativity in our everyday lives through STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math) moderated by Steven Dahlberg.
Leonardo da Vinci epitomizes interdisciplinary, creative thinking and doing. He was able to imagine and visualize what is “not yet” and bring those ideas to life. He married art and science, as well as the natural world, with technology. Discover the accomplishments of
individuals who work at the crossroads of creativity, community, science, and innovation and explore how to bring da Vinci’s creative genius into our everyday lives.
Panelists include:
o Kate Emery, CEO of reSET Social Enterprise Trust, and Founder & CEO of the Walker Group
o Rich Hollant, Founder & CEO of CO:LAB
o Manon Cox, President & CEO of Protein Sciences
International Center for Creativity and Imagination,
New Milford, Connecticut
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EVERYDAY GENIUS: HOW LEONARDO DA VINCI CAN SPARK OUR CREATIVITY … a workshop with Steven Dahlberg at the Connecticut Science Center, April 15th 6:00 – 8:30 pm.
Join us on Leonardo da Vinci’s Birthday and celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week with us! Work with Steven Dahlberg to take on da Vinci’s worldview, asking “what if?” Redefine your problems and brainstorm creative solutions. Apply creative thinking to bring your projects and dreams from ideation to invention. Bring imagination, a desire to learn, and openness to new ways of thinking. You’ll leave with new creative thinking skills, tools, and resources to apply to your life and work.
International Center for Creativity and Imagination,
New Milford, Connecticut
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I couldn’t be more excited that 1) There exists a World Creativity and Innovation Week, and 2) That I am participating in a small way with my own little creative business. I have been itching to do a #createmoreconsumelessretreat, a week long retreat where I log off, consume less information, and log into creating more. Since creativity to me is more like a spiritual practice, and I like to spread the good word of how much healthier your mind, body, and spirit can be when you practice good ol’ creativity on a regular basis like a straight up creative evangelist, I would love to have you guys along for the journey.
Soul & Oak, San Luis Obispo, California
Read the rest of their WCIW  blogpost here.
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My act of creativity for WCIW is to make sure all ideas land on a page and into a schedule for execution.
Neyom Friday, Manhattan Beach, California

Creative Academic will participate in this global event in 2016. Our contributions include:
1) Establishing a new conversational space. From December 2015 we will encourage the sharing of stories about personal creativity and innovation in everyday life through a new Google+ Community ‘Our Creative Life’.
2) During April 2016 we will facilitate a Google+ community discussion on the theme of ‘Creativity & Innovation in Higher Education’.  As well as exploring the theme the forum will provide participants with a means of sharing their personal and institutional contributions to WCIW
3) In April 2016 we will publish Creative Academic Magazine #4 on the theme of ‘Creativity in Development & Innovation’
4) We are also publishing a ‘Guide to Encouraging Creativity in Higher Education Teaching and Learning’
Website: http://www.creativeacademic.uk/
Creative Academic, Global network and resources hub, United Kingdom
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We’ll be running a week of creativity courses to help individuals and businesses to harness their creativity skills – Lateral Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, Course in Creativity and Trainer Accreditation programmes. We are authorised deBono distributors. Visit our website to see our WCIW events  in Edinburgh and Central London. We will also be sending monthly emails in support of WCIW, writing blogposts to promote the event and creativity and provide cyclical promotion on our home page.
Indigo Business Services Limited, London, UK  www.Indigobusiness.co.uk
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Dinner & Drawing Supper Club
Thursday April 20th, 2016 6:45 – 9:45 p.m.
Open to Create HQ
Celebrate your creativity in the company of like-minded people with yummy home cooked food, gentle & playful creative play and great conversation.
World Creativity & Innovation week happens every year as is a chance to take part in a global conversation about what it means to live a creative life.
You can get away from your work week, sample some arty exercises to take your ideas to the next level and do good at the same time. * 10% from each booking is donated to The Hunger Project UK – creatively re-thinking world hunger.
Price for the event = £35* which includes a lovely home made meal, soft drinks and all arty materials. If you want to BYO.
* 10% from each booking is donated to The Hunger Project UK – creatively re-thinking world hunger.
Open to Create, Poplar, Tower Hamlets, London, UK
www.opentocreate.com, Twitter @opentocreate
To register: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/open-to-create-dinner-and-drawing-20th-april-2016-celebrate-your-creativity-tickets-22452456903
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I am a creativity entrepreneur. I am working on a project that will be more visible shortly.
Markativity, Bristol, UK www.markativity.co.uk
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We’re asking Leaders and Managers in organisations to think about all the ways they use their creativity at home (from the dedicated – arts and drama – to the incidental -gardening, cooking, childcare, household repairs,) and reflect on ways they can bring them into the workplace to get creative work habits going.
The Business of Creativity, Brighton, UK. www.creativityworks.co
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New ideas at work, home and life overall.
Dubai Real Estate Institute
Dubai, UAE

1. Booth at the Salone Satellite promoting design talent and showcasing innovative production processes (cork, mycelium, paper, ceramics,..)
2. 500m2 lab space at the Kids Fair in Geneva showcasing workshops and innovation for kids (4-14 years) in Art, Design, Robotics, Eco, Digital, Nature
3. Science Education Lab project, supporting and design in a congress in Leiden, Netherlands, on Teaching Science using Mysteries.
Addictlab, Switzerland, www.addictlab.com
South Africa

Daily to challenge social media users and via our blog to ‘think different’ and to increase their idea quota bank balance.
To do various training activities for business.
To implement our 2 year programme for our adopted school in our community – Lesedi – using a Whole Brain approach to education.
aHa! Conference and Training Centre, Pretoria, South Africa
www. ahacc.co.za

“Points of View” will be the key of the “World Creativity and Innovation week / chapter Spain”,  taking it main headquarter in Valencia.
To have a week for inspiration, reflection and pause in order to generate and discuss about thousands of ideas about topics that touch to all the people. Come, join, create, share and enjoy!
Intelligencia Creativa Estratégica, partnering with
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Florida Universitària
Valencia, Spain
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In our school we are researching about how to be creative through language learning and teaching.
Jaén, Andalucia, Spain
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The act we are going to carry on in Santiago de Compostela, next April 21th. is an event for teachers and Galician schools sensitized with the need of a creativity learning for more adapted children as the future society. DMCIshrunkThe main act is a conference of the Neuroscience Professor Dr. Acuña (Santiago de Compostela University) who is sepaking about: The best of your creativity is in your brain. I will also speak about children and creativity education.
Fundación para la Creativación, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
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Teaching creative writing creatively
Studio PointA, Slovakia

To celebrate WCIW in Serbia, on 16th April, the Association for the Support of Science, Culture and Art “NOUMENA“ from Mladenovac is organizing art workshop in the field of collage. This special art workshop is part of a greater project called “ART OMNIBUS”, which consists of different art workshops. The art workshops are aimed at children and youth, and they will be held during the whole of 2016 at primary school “Sveti Sava”- Municipality of Mladenovac, Belgrade City, with great support from the City of Belgrade – Secretariat for Sports and Youth.
More about the project: www.facebook.com/udruzenje.noumena
The Association for the Support of Science, Culture and Art “NOUMENA, Mladenovac-Belgrade, Serbia
portugal flag

Torrance Center® is a Portuguese nonprofit organization which operates focusing on the 4 key skills to the 21st century for successful people and institutions: Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking and Collaboration.
We seek to achieve Excellence through creativity and emotional intelligence.
For the fourth consecutive year, Torrance Center® promotes Future Problem Solving Program International, all over Portugal, reaching children, youth and adults who want to become more creative and consequently be the ones who will promote innovation in our world/country!
Next September Torrance Center® will introduce Destination Imagination nationwide in Portugal, promoting complementary creative and innovation skills among Portuguese children and students till university level.
•    These are yearlong programs/competitions based on the Creative Problem Solving process, and their Finals take place in September, with a partnership with Porto University, gathering together each year about 500 creative Portuguese persons in a 3 days long event.
•    During April 2016 will occur the Qualifying Problem, in which 60 teams, for all over Portugal, will analyze a Futuristic Case Study and develop an Action Plan based on Creative Problem Solving methodology. From 15th to 21st April, certificated creative evaluators will produce evaluation reports to every team who had submitted its Action Plan.
•    Torrance Center® develops each year a set of workshops and training sessions on Creativity and Creative Problem Solving.
•    Since 2015, we participate in World Creativity and Innovation Week, with some creative acts planned for the week.
•    This year, Torrance Center® will launch Corporate Challenge Problem Solvers, a 3-day event with conferences, workshops and competition for Portuguese’s corporate teams develop their interest and skills in creative problem solving.
Torrance Center® Portugal in Porto
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Mindshake* Team will celebrate the WCIW on the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. On 15th of April the Mindshake House in Porto will be open for everyone who wants to challenge their creative thinking abilities in short exercises and experiences of perception.
In the program are:
Creative Drink and Food Moments
Creative Writing Activities
Perceptual Activities
Mindshake Games
Other Surprises.
The week between 18th and 21st April will be the venue of several workshops:
Mind Mapping
Thinking in Analogies
Creative Writing
Design Thinking
More about the program and the inscriptions in our Facebook page.
* Mindshake is a project and brand of the company Na’Mente – Consultancy and Training in Creative and Design Thinking, founded in April 2010 by Katja Tschimmel and relaunched this year with a larger team. Have a look at www.mindshake.pt (online from 11 April).
Mindshake, Porto, Portugal
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Business models can also be creative, so during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21  I will change the business model of the Gymbysetepes.
Book: Think like an artist. Will Gompertz, Penguin Books
Site: http://www.video.mit.edu
Project: Actors of Urban Change. Robert Bosch Foundation.
SETEPÉS, Porto, Portugal
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are going to have a workshop on Inbound Marketing new methods & technologies at ISMAI to promote new tech adoption and open / collaborative innovation. We hope to call Students and Community to become more creative and innovation committed.
ISMAI, Matosinhos, Portugal
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We hoppe to call Students adn Community to becam more cretive and innovation commited
Indústria do Futuro is a 3 days event focused on the discussion about the 4th Industrial Revolution, and about how innovation and creativity can foster industrial success. Abril 13-15
Câmera Municipal de Amarante, Amarante, Portugal
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

KOMPAS#4 is an event dedicated to creative management and creative coaching issues. KOMPAS#4 will be focused on “The Creativity Stimulus”. Our event shall start at 5:30 pm, at Collegium Da Vinci (room A003), and will deliver three power speeches on various aspects of creativity, determinants of creativity, creativity capacity, and creativity performance.
Collegium Da Vinci, Creative Management, Poznań, Poland
The Netherlands

I am writing a book  about creativity that may inspire people to think and act creatively now that we threaten planet Earth and the living world .
Hans van De Braak, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I am teaching innovation through design at the Grenoble school of management to master students this week!
21lobsterstreet, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
On the 15th of April it is International Dawdle Day. People should sit back more often to jump forward. So shut your laptop and dive into your hammock.
If you want to come up with the best creative ideas and develop these ideas in the best concepts people need to make time to let the unconscious brain work. With International Dawdle Day Springidee wants to draw attention to the virtue, necessity and pleasure of dawdling.
International Dawdle Day is a do-it-yourself event on April 15, the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci. This creative scientist and artist already knew the power of the unconscious. “Geniuses sometimes perform more by doing less,” said Leonardo when he took a rest during the painting of the last supper.
We´d love to hear your story of your Dawdle Day so please feel free to share your insights, ideas or view of this day with Springidee and WCIW. And if you want to dream away listen to the Canadian singer-songwriter Emmanuelle Julien and her song Dawdle Day.
Springidee, Hoogeloon, North-Brabant, The Netherlands
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
I gave a TEDx-talk on “Creativity Without Borders” to inspire the audience to live their life more creatively and seeing the extraordinary in everyday life! A talk about creative (self) ErikTedXtalkleadership, everyday creativity and applying creative thinking in your conversations with other people around you. This will make life much more meaningful, colorful and contagious!
Erik op ten Berg, Pioenconsult – Experts in Creative Problem Solving, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands,  https://www.facebook.com/erik.optenberg
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Big Creative Adventure is a free online event featuring diverse speakers, bloggers and parents sharing their insights on creativity and family.
creativity-mythsAs part of The Big Creative Adventure, we’ll be sharing tips and strategies on understanding creativity, the creative process and how we can embrace it in our daily lives.
Join us for this first online summit on Integrating Creativity in the Family Culture.
Website: http://thebigcreativeadventure.com
The Big Creative Adventure Team, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Namibia Business Innovation Institute is an institute of Namibia University of Science and Technology whose aims are innovation, technology transfer, product development, mobile application development, entrepreneurship incubation, social media training and young talent. For that reason the NBII will be hosting nine events during the World Creativity and Innovation Week.
    UNESCO/NBII Youth Mobile Training of Trainers >>11-22 April 2016
    SANLAM innovation works >>15 April 2016
    Business model development atelier >>18 April 2016
    Innovate your idea workshop >>19 April 2016
    Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Innovation Talk >>19 April 2016
    Project Management training >>19-20April 2016
    Innovation Circle ( The role of IP in entrepreneurship) >>20 April 2016
    Innovation Pop Up!! >> 20 April 2016
    Closing of Innovation and Creativity week >>21 April 2016
Namibia Business Innovation Institute, Windhoek, Namibia
Republic of Moldova
Republic of Moldova

Campaign “Libraries matter” that will involve 28 Chisinau city branch libraries in a range of creative and innovative initiatives.
Biblioteca Municipala B.P.Hasdeu
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova www.hasdeu.md

We wish to organise an interactive joint-session between Malta-Tunisia and Dubai through live (on-site) and  joint-collaborative session using  the brand new DIGIART Collaborative Platform in active presence of professionals in creative industry on the subject without  geographical borders:  “Creative Heritage without borders” managed and operated by our certified tutors  and DIGIART Living Lab multilingual and multidisciplinary staff.
DigiArt Living Lab Malta – Tunisia St. Julians, Malta
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking within the University of Malta is currently organizing events in conjunction with World Creativity and Innovation Week 2016.  See a full list of events, including a presentation by Edward de Bono on his latest book here  Below are some examples of our programs for the week.
MaltaKidzThinkWCIW2016Kidz Think! is a small scale project launched in collaboration with Birzebbuga Primary School in Malta. The aim behind the project is to entice parents to work on creative projects with their children. The idea is that the children and the parents can identify pockets where they can practice items for creativity moving away from the thought that creativity is mainly related to the practice of craft activities and art!
During the course of four sessions, the pupils and the parents explore areas of ideation, creative story writing using randomly picked words, and elements of creative problem solving. The eight year old pupils thoroughly enjoy the sessions and perform confidently at the creative tasks.
It is hoped that through the sessions on the project awareness is created about the different aspects and instances where the parents and their children can think creatively together.
The Edward deBono Institute for Design and Development of Thinking, University of Malta, Msida, Malta
The Creative Competence.
As part of the activities organised during World Creativity and Innovation Week, the Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking is hosting a panel discussion that will take place on April 21st, 2016.
The main objective of the event is to present students with a better understanding of the desirable ‘soft’ skills that employees could bring in to the workplace. We are aiming to create more awareness of these skills and attempt to encourage students to bridge the gap by highlighting areas of competence that can help them make headway in the workplace.  Specialisation is at times taking place at the expense of other skills including interpersonal skills, knowledge sharing, working in teams, problem solving and the generation of new ideas to mention a few.
The panel will be made up of three reputable managing directors who have experience in hiring employees along with running their businesses.  Three other member of the panel will be represented by two former students who are now successfully employed and a current student.  It will be interesting to see how the different perspectives of the panel members will animate and develop the discussion.
The Edward de Bono Institute offers a Master in Creativity and Innovation.
Further information may be obtained at: www.um.edu.mt/create

What if Imagination will be the right answer to your challenges? How to re-discover the sense of marvel to make impact in your life?  During the WCIW we will be offering one to one Creative Coaching Session to explore imaginative power to make our life better and to find resources to make a concrete impact in the organization we belong to. Creative Coaching Session will be offered live, via skype or Zoom or via phone.
Nostopevolution – The Daring Factory, Rome, Italy

I’ll be launching a captivating storytelling video for helping brothers and sisters stop fighting using free original hand drawn butterflies coloring pages.
The story Cute and Cuter is about two caterpillar brothers who were fighting all day and all night long. However when they transformed into butterflies, they also became mature brothers and best friends.
The story is from my book for fostering kids’ creative thinking – Creative Children Like the Animals of the World (available on Amazon). It is designed to ignite kids to creatively write and draw their own ideas.
Download the coloring pages and watch the video at: http://www.raisingcreativethinkers.com/p/helping-brothers-and-sisters-stop.html
Raising Creative Thinkers, Israel.

I would suggest some of my idea that i want to express
Washim, Maharashtra, India
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are giving away innovation awards on 15th April 2016 and this is the 5th Edition of the same.
Gujarat Ratna – Life for Innovation
Person must be a Gujarati Resident and continuously engaged in Innovation activities and its promotion more than two decades. The person preferably being recognized for his Innovation work Nationally – Internationally.
Hercules Award
Individual / Organization must be – remarkably working through Innovation practice in his field as an Innovator running its, activities more than a decade, but has achieved significant milestone in a shortest time frame Vs industry standard, preferably an activity/project work done within Gujarat.
Achiever Award
Individual / Organization who has been recognized by GIS as Trend Setter and their activities achieve new heights after setting up new Trends in Market in next one year of time span. This is reserve only for the Trend Setter awardees, to recognize their CONTINUITY.
Trend Setter Award
Individual / Organization must be a doors. They take responsibility for their auctioning out their ideas. Finally these people with a sense of legacy. Even as they may fade, the path survives.
Gujarat RatnaHercules AwardAchiever AwardTrend Setter Award
GIS Focus sector for Awards:
Construction, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, IT/Technology, Fashion, Food, Service
Social Service, Environment, Education, Healthcare, Thought for a cause, Food, Government
Policy, Contribution to society, Development, Business Model
Entrepreneur, Management Model, Engineering
Gujarat Innovation Society, AHMEDABAD, India

To bring the world at my door step
Accra, Ghana

Write down my ideas and act on them.

This year, we are launching a six days of activities in different places inside the beautiful city of Cali, Valle del Cauca.
In this second version we expect to gather people from academia, private and public sector, with three main objectives:
– To demonstrate that Cali its a nice place where great things are happening around creativity and innovation.
– Foster collaboration and co-creation between people with different kind of skills and backgrounds.
– Communicate the importance of applied creativity at personal and corporate level.
WCIW2016 Columbia
WCIW2016 Columbia

The entire week is filled with workshops, conferences, tours, networking, and even a cooking activity.
We hope people to have fun, and get together to make of this world a better place to live.
IKU Innovation, Bogotá, Colombia

We will either run an article series featuring creators or host an event.
Ottawa, Ontario
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Each year, hundreds of Ontario Public Servants attend i5’s celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Week.
This year’s events focus on information and learning public servants can use, such as:
•    Workshops and training sessions by external speakers
•    Hands-on reports from innovators within the Public Service
•    Demos of cutting-edge technology
Events are scheduled in Toronto ON, and online province-wide.
i5 (Ontario Public Service Innovation Community of Practice), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Lassonde School of Engineering at York University and the Innovation Culture Group are proud to announce the following events:
1. Innovation and Creativity session for executives and managers
2. Innovation and Creativity session for students (engineering and secondary school)
3. Innovation and Creativity in the classroom (faculty and teachers in school boards)
4. Innovation and Creativity for women entrants to the engineering program at Lassonde
Innovation Culture Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. www.innovationculturegroup.com
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Millennial Leadership Summit which will bring together executives, directors and managers and assist them in understanding and developing the next generation workplace leaders. April 19.
NextGenLeaders, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
World Creativity and Innovation Week is here, and as in year’s past, we are going to embrace it!  Why …. Because Creativity and innovation is in our DNA!
We’ve got some great events planned for next week, April 18- 21.  We’re hoping to see everyone participate this year, so please read the following schedule for PHD Creativity Week 2016.
The focus of PHD Creativity Week 2016 is culture! We want to capture, articulate and demonstrate what the PHD culture really is . . . and everyone is invited to creatively capture that essence. This can be anything people, it’s 100% up to you and your team, so get creative!
We posted a survey monkey  link to a very simple, quick and fun survey that will help us divide the company into teams for our weeks’ events.  The survey has to be completed before Monday at 11am to facilitate  participation for this week’s events.
Also we have created a new PHD Instagram account, a big shout out to our social team for setting this up!  If you have Instagram please follow the handle “PHDtoronto”.  It will allow you to see everything that is happening with Creativity Week, while also allowing you to post pictures and build new memories for fellow PHDers in years to come.
We will supply all materials for arts and crafts to be used throughout the week, helping your team build a masterpiece. This being said, we don’t want to place any limitations on you. Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean that you can’t participate. We will have many different tools to help everyone get creative without the need for true artistic talent.
Each day, you’ll be asked for an hour’s worth of your time…it’s not the whole day – we know how we busy we all are.
So hopefully this creates even more incentive for participation.
Monday: Gather into teams, Each team paired with creative team lead, Instagram challenge issued
Tuesday: Ideation session, Story creation, Fun word games
Weds: Build/draw/creation time for each team
Thursday: Voting on best creations, Lunch, Showcasing creations
Overall we are really excited to have everyone participate!
PHD Canada, Toronto
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Thank you for your time,
-Creativity-Week Team
We are holding a number of community events
Outlook04.07.16WCIWadartsPlace1) Living Like Leonardo at artsPlace – a celebration of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday with cake, cheese and wine together with conversation about creativity using the da Vinci 7 principles; Leonardo will be there, and patrons will have the opportunity to visit in Leonardo’s Workshop (students from the community science fair are setting up displays and local scientists, researchers and inventors will be on hand for conversation); Leonardo’s sketchbook (patrons will experience 3-minutes each in rotation of six different arts/crafts; and will Give a Wish to the Community for its Creative New Year beginning on April 21.
2) Community forum: Bring an Idea. using creativity thinking principles will be held. April 18.
3) Admit it. You are Creative Workshop, April 21.
Main partner for WCIW Bow Valley Alberta 2016 is artsPlace.  See information here: http://artsplacecanmore.com/news/article/world-creativity-and-innovation-week-april-15-21-coming-to-canmore
Canmore, Alberta

We are encouraging and promoting the ingenuity and creativity of the Angkor Spirit in Cambodias as well as in ASEAN. The Angkor architecture and technology feats are recognized as a world heritage of art wonder and technical innovation.
AseanPAT-AngkorPAT, Phnom Penh – Siem Reap, Cambodia www.aseanpat.com

Mutopo Brasil
São Paulo Brazil

I will recognize and honour every sign of creative thinking of my 8-years old son. I will express myself in new ways, celebrating the realms of possibilities.
Self-Employed facilitator/trainer, Vilvoorde, Belgium  www.thinkwitty.today
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
CSR as a source of innovation to co-create a better world.
FIIT Management, La Hulpe, Belgium
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We will prepare content and a workshop inside our university for promoting Creative Leadership (how to use creativity in business).
Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing program,
Bouty, Solvay Brussels School, Brussels, Belgium
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During WCIW 2016, we organize 2 workshops:
** Service design – 18 april – Ghent
A creative method with maximum participation. Design your service or campaign together with your audience. We use creative methods that you can use immediately in your organization or company. We wish to inspire a new way of working. http://www.kwadraet.be/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=341
** work hard, play hard! – 20 april & 2 mei – Ghent
Every day more job satisfaction through a playful attitude. Richard Schechner: “It’s wrong to think of playing as the interruption of ordinary life. Consider instead playing as the underlying, always there, continuum of experience.”
We discover tools that generate more fun in everyday professional life. http://www.kwadraet.be/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&layout=edit&id=343
Kwadraet. Ghent, Belgium
Australia flag

We have a schedule of content for the duration of WCIW 2016, including quote graphics, blog posts, and social media sharing relating to encouraging and improving creative skills. Our posts will be published on brainhac.kr, and archived here: http://brainhac.kr/tag/wciw-2016/
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Facilitating discussion in Corporate Australia as to the value of the Performing Arts in facilitating creative thinking and innovation.
Currency House, Sydney, Australia
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We’re Refraction Media, and we’re running a fantastic Thought Leadership series from Australia for World Creativity and Innovation Week 2016. It will be published on Science Meets Business – a website that covers news and research at the nexus between science, engineering, technology and industry. Science Meets Business looks at research innovations that have a significant impact on the triple bottom line, through benefits to society, the environment and the economy.
Thought Leadership Series summary:
Australia faces a challenging period in shifting towards an ‘innovation economy’, with a drive towards greater participation in science and technology; an increased focus on commercialisation success; and partnering research with industry. But how will we get there?
In this unique series, leaders from government, industry and academia share their vision for Australian innovation future, including Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, Telstra’s CTO Vish Nandall, CEO of AusBiotech Anna Lavelle, entrepreneur, surgeon and inventor Fiona Woods, Chief Defence Scientist Alex Zelinksy, and the Vice Chancellors from QUT, Peter Coaldrake, and Western Sydney Uni Barney Glover, and many more.
We will send through a link to the series when it’s published (+we will be publishing additions to the series every day of WCIW). We’d love you to share with your network, and we will be blasting and hashtagging WCIW at this end!
Refraction Media, Sydney, Australia
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Co-ordinate the painting of a mural outside the local neighbourhood house with local school children.
Larksong Enterprises, Reservoir, Victoria, Australia www.larksong.com.au
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Creativity is at the heart of my school this year. I aim to make students more creative including genius hour and wreckit journals.   We have also made FAIL a big part of 2016. FAIL- First Attempt IN Learning!!!!!  The emphasis on TRY.
Department of Education, New South Wales
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Host an event in my workplace.
VMCH, Melbourne, Australia.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We are running a free Lean Startup for Corporates workshop on Wednesday April 20.
Details at: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/intro-to-lean-startup-for-corporates-tickets-23375103564
Collective Campus, Melbourne,  Australia
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Happy World Creativity and Innovation week!
Calling all Not for Profits companies!
You know that innovation is a priority for your organisation, and how critical it is to build the necessary skills in your people to help drive breakthrough thinking on your biggest business challenges but….
… you don’t have the training budget.
To celebrate World Creativity and Innovation week, this June Inventium will open up their doors to Not for Profit companies and offer the training that has driven remarkable results in organisations such as Medibank Private, LEGO and Deloitte…
… at a Pay What You Want price.
Up to three of your people will:
–       Learn simple, scientifically proven techniques that will increase the productivity of brainstorms, meetings and workshops by over 200%.
–       Gain the confidence to comfortably facilitate an innovation/ ideation session or brainstorm at any time.
–       Leave with a practical toolkit that you and your team can use to change and improve the way you attack problems.
We only have limited places, so hurry to take advantage of world-class training at a pay what you want price!
“One of the best training programs I have ever attended where I can utilise everything learnt – immediately – back on the job and see instant results.” National Sales Capability Manager, Kimberly-Clark
“Brilliant! Very practical and outcome focused – perfect for my staff.” General Manager, Marketing & Communications, Australian Super
Inventium, Melbourne, Australia  http://www.inventium.com.au
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
We plan to dream, think, plan and do! We will be busy writing scripts, making sets, creating plays, writing musicals, choreographing dance works, making films and spreading powerful messages through performance. We have a Sydney theatre show slated for 2016, “Little Boxes”.
Options Theatre Company & Australian National Academy of Disability Arts, Gosford, Australia

Open minds, hearts, eyes to new ideas, new decisions, new actions: one week worldwide

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