Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation
Country : Germany
City : Frankfurt

: www.ustinov-world.org

People’s Creativity and Innovation are key to create the future .

#wcid2018 and/or #wciw2018 celebration

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation will do a social media “selfie” campaign with its network of celebrities.
These Ustinov friends will hold a sign in front of them, asking their followers to “support creativity” for “empowering children worldwide”.

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundations supports several dozens of school and creative educational projects worldwide.
The campaign „#Give5forCreativity“ is dedicated to the following five selected Ustinov-projects –
1) Music school Monte Azul, Sao Paulo, Brasil
2) Butterfly Art Project, Capetown, South Africa (Art Therapy)
3) Kigamboni Art Center, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Dance & Acrobatics)
4) Choki Traditional Art School, Bhutan (sewing classes for girls)
5) Circus UPSALA, St. Petersburg, Russia (shelter, education & acrobatics for kids living on the street)

The United Nations recognizes the importance of using creativity in problem solving for innovation to meet the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.