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People’s Creativity and Innovation are key to create the future .

#wcid2018 and/or #wciw2018 celebration

The aim of Creativity week 2018 (radi!2018) is to continue to raise awareness and interest in different audiences for the development and interaction of creative and cultural industries with other sectors, creativity-enhancing education, innovative entrepreneurship and intelligent management, learning the best from foreign experience and developments, highlighting Latvia’s achievements through direct citizens’ engagement.

Creative and social entrepreneurship is seen and regarded as one of the main possibilities for adopting to the change to come. We aim to move past the notion of “overnight and accidental success” and facilitate the failure culture as well. For too long has success been positioned as the ultimate goal, forgetting about the lessons learnt in the process and possible failures that actually make you better in the long-term.

Hence the Creativity Week radi!2018 concept is primarily implemented through this message, expressing the idea that every citizen of Latvia is part of the process of creating the country and thus highlighting the idea of participation and by impersonating the path of the initiative messages to a single individual. As a result, the sub-themes covered by the following communication lines are linked to radi!

The main message of the radi!2018 initiative:

• the role and contribution of creative industries, design thinking and partnerships, seeking new opportunities and solutions in the context of future challenges such as cooperation, traditional industries and their interaction, social well-being, quality of life, urban development, rebirth of degraded areas, knowledge economy, artificial intelligence, new technologies and virtual and supplemented reality;

• development of learning approaches, the use of new methods for future generations, the increasing importance of feedback in monitoring the quality of education processes;

• design values, thinking methods and cross-disciplinary approaches in the management of public administration processes in the era of rapid change and development, initiating projects and making decisions based on the needs of the population.

This year’s concept takes into account Latvia’s and the whole Baltic Sea region countries future dimension, through which Latvia’s achievements and the increase in the potential for economic growth and human capital are demonstrated. We aim to tackle the regional challenges of importance to the local people in Latvia by giving them useful tools and methods with the premise of design thinking for the development of the issue. Social and creative entrepreneurs, municipality representatives and local people (including minorities) will all be invited to take part in the event.

The United Nations recognizes the importance of using creativity in problem solving for innovation to meet the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our action(s) to support Sustainable Developpement Goals :

The regional events that aim to empower, educate and enhance the knowledge about them.