AWUAEL Holding
Country : Saudi Arabia
City : Dammam

: www.awuael.com

People’s Creativity and Innovation are key to create the future .

#wcid2018 and/or #wciw2018 celebration

AWUAEL is presenting a 2-days workshop addresses the topic of creativity and innovation. It presents an array of simple methodologies for creative thinking in specifically creating new products and services. The workshop begins with the importance of creativity, idea generation and innovation. It presents some thoughts on the creative process and then delves into different yet simple methodologies, which include the power of observation and understanding customer pain points, connecting and combining ideas to create new products, reframing problems to find better solutions, and business model innovation. It also addresses the diffusion of innovation and how consumers perceive innovation. The workshop ends with the challenges to overcome in applying and fostering creativity in companies and creating an innovation culture. The workshop is highly interactive and includes several hands-on activities.

By the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to value the importance of creativity and innovation and its challenges for themselves and their organizations. They will learn to think creatively and innovate to create new products and solutions for their customers and the future of their organizations.

The United Nations recognizes the importance of using creativity in problem solving for innovation to meet the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.