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People’s Creativity and Innovation are key to create the future .

#wcid2018 and/or #wciw2018 celebration

Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago will happen from July 6 to 19, 2018. Forty-three Breaking Walls artists & ambassadors from nine international cities will come together to use creative writing and theatrical performance as peace-building tools.

Naya & Miana will guide 2018 Santiago’s peace-building focus on creating “Spoken Word Troupes” for each of our nine international delegations – Amman, Barcelona, Berlin, Bethlehem, Brooklyn, Cape Town, Detroit, Santiago & Warsaw!

Additionally, the Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago Creative Activist Lab will focus on launching a Facebook Page for dialogue & support for young people who have survived sexual harassment, abuse & rape.

Breaking Walls Santiago will be our largest, most diverse Boot Camp yet. We will welcome 43 young people from nine international cities including an Afghan asylum seeker, Syrian refugees, and the indigenous Mapuche culture in Chile.

These young people, ages 13 to 25, will collaborate to build a more hopeful and unified world. Our artists and ambassadors benefit from our intensive program because they are passionate to become tomorrow’s fearless and ferocious advocates for peace. Not only do Breaking Walls’ participants benefit from their own creations, but people who have any sort of encounter with these individuals become aware they are being graced with an unstoppable presence – someone who will contribute positivity in their own lives. By empowering youth to discover their voice, offering them a platform on which to share it, Breaking Walls promotes an ever-expanding inclusive, respectful and trusting world.
Everyone returns to their home community after our 14-day, intensive writing, performing, ensemble-building experience, having explored their imaginations and embraced their creativity. Participants emerge ready – in the areas of compassion, collaboration, accountability, and commitment – to nurture a world where they can trust one another.

The United Nations recognizes the importance of using creativity in problem solving for innovation to meet the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our action(s) to support Sustainable Developpement Goals :

3 – Good Health & Well Being
During Breaking Walls 2017 Warsaw renowned Dr. Earlexia Norwood of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit raveled to our Warsaw Boot Camp as Breaking Walls 2017 Health & Well Being Ambassador to personally guide the artists, ambassadors and associates through a conversation on the health and well being issues facing youth in their communities building the awareness that a healthy child is a whole child who can be resilient and successful in their struggles with poverty, racism, lack of clean water and sanitation, poor education and a hopeful future.
The success of the 2017 Health & Wellness component allowed it to become an annual component. 2018 Santiago will se the expansion of our partnership with Youth of Global Health, a Global Health & Wellness program.
Dr. Norwood’s mentoring has led to a connection for Breaking Walls an the Henry Ford Global Health Initiative that is focusing on unexpected pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Disease, obesity, nutrition and fitness. We are in partnership discussions. We are excited that our Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago Community Service Day will be with young people at the “It Gets Better” Project whose focus is with the LGBTQ youth in Santiago.
4 – Quality Education
Community-Based “Inclusive City” Five-Day Initiative – Breaking Walls hand its partner Rainbow Dreams Trust hosted its third annual creative writing, performance and peace-building initiative in October 2017. Twenty-four young Breaking Walls artists from the three struggling cultures/communities joined together to express the strength and beauty of the human spirit, inviting the world to build on the platform they create with their voices, dreams, words and production skills – working as one unified, creative community. Plans for Breaking Walls 2018 Cape Town are in-process.

Additionally, UNICEF ”Voices of Youth – Arabic” based in Amman, Jordan is selecting two young people from the Syrian Refugee community to join Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago as a lead-up to a five-day initiative in Amman in 2018 -2019.

Arts Education In-School Workshop – Breaking Walls collaborates with students and educators in the New York City public, private and charters schools to focus teen minds on identity, values and empathy, and guides them to explore significant, current issues in their lives while building literacy, critical thinking and presentation skills. The total number of youth impacted from 2014 to present is 550 in 15 schools and programs.

In October/November 2017 Breaking Walls Arts Education collaborated with German and recent immigrant/refugees students at the Paula Fuerst Schule in Berlin, Germany.
Plans to expand into classrooms in the Cape Town public and private school systems starting in fall 2018 are in progress. Breaking Walls is in conversations with the Pulitzer Center to incorporate “the intersection of art and journalism” as a focus of our Arts Education Workshop at Harvest Collegiate High School in Manhattan.

5. Gender Equity
Breaking Walls is continually growing and expanding, and embraces each and every artist who wishes to join our global family. Our 2018 Santiago Creative Activist Lab will focus on creating Spoken Word Troupes with each of our nine international delegations who will spread the Breaking Walls inclusive, accepting vision and the UNSDG within their home communities.

10 – Reduced Inequalities
Breaking Walls collaborates with young people from all over our world, representing many cultures, religions, socio-economic conditions, sexual orientations, educational levels and status as immigrants and refugees, discover their voice to act as peacemakers and leaders.

16 – Peace, Justice, And Strong Institutions
Breaking Walls 2014 Cape Town saw the initiation of a strong, grassroots peace-building component. The U.S. Consulate hosted a Skype meeting between Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury of the Global Movement for the Culture of Peace and our Breaking Walls artists and ambassadors. Ambassador Chowdhury spoke to our youth about the important role they can play in building a peaceful world, starting with breaking down the walls each of us carries in our hearts. Ambassador Chowdhury guided a passionate Q & A session and, inspired the creation of our first annual Breaking Walls Peace & Acceptance Statement.
Building on this foundation the renowned President of The Peace Academy, Dorothy J. Maver; served as our Breaking Walls 2015 Barcelona Special Mentors. In 2016 Detroit Bing Goei, Director of Michigan Office for New Americans focused on building leadership skills.
Starting in 2016 Detroit our artists, ambassadors and associates annually contribute one full day of community service. In 2017 Warsaw Breaking Walls launched our Creative Activist Lab to explore, plan and where possible implement — ideas and opportunities that can have a positive impact on their peers in their home communities. This component is now an integral part of our daily workshop structure.
As Breaking Walls enables teens to tap their most protected places to write with rare honesty and to use writing and theater as tools for personal/social change – Bethlehem artist, ambassador, and associate Mohammad, shares that “Being a part of the Breaking Walls as a Palestinian means teaching the new artists respect and stop them from making wrong decisions in life that could have a bad impact on their future. That violence solves nothing. My mission is to let the peace in my heart reach out to every single man and woman on this planet. Breaking Walls transformed me from being a warrior into a peace-builder in my home community, and the world.” U. S. Consulate in Jerusalem, “We know Mohammad, he is renowned in Aida Refugee Camp for encouraging young people in the Camp to “throw our words to bring peace not stones.”
The initial Breaking Walls Legacy Project, developed in our 2017 Creative Activist Lab, is the development of Rainbow Dreams Trust Learning/Wellness Center in Phillippi Township in Cape Town. A second Legacy Project being developed is that Brooklyn artist, Britani, and Bethlehem artist, Mustafa Sharia from the Daisha Refugee Camp near Bethlehem, Palestine, are collaborating on a FaceBook Page dedicated to giving voice to rape survivors across the globe.