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Scroll down for a variety World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW) Events and Activities from around the globe for 2011.  Maybe you’ll pick up an idea or two for your 2013 World Creativity and Innovation Week celebration.

What happened 2011 World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21 (that we know about)

Crea Conference: Sestri Levante, Italy April 13 – 17
The 9th annual CREA Conference will offer a new mix of people, programmes, and ideas. CREA is dedicated to organisations and people who are looking for innovation and solutions; who believe that ideas are better than words; that doing things is more effective than talking; that learning new methods and techniques is more productive than listening to speeches; that creativity is the only way to produce innovation professionally and personally. http://www.creaconference.com/
united-states-flagACE (Atlanta Creativity Exchange): Atlanta, Georgia, US April 14 – 16
ACE has been designed to facilitate the open exchange of ideas about innovation and creative thinking between  expert presenters and each participant. It is a resource for learning and applying the creative tools behind innovation and problem solving. Our global network of professional speakers from business, education, and the arts share their knowledge freely at a pragmatic level that is easily translatable to immediate application in you life and work.http://atlantacreativity.org/
Gov-Ontario logoOntario Public Service (OPS) Celebrates WCIW with programs to advance a culture of innovation in the Ontario civil service
April 18 – Policy Forum on Innovation in the OPS
April 19 – TEDx OPS Conference at the Toronto Reference Library
April 20 – Workshop Wednesday AM: Managing Innovation; PM Design Thinking
April 21 – Unconference on Sustaining Innovation for the Innovation Community of Practice
Mayor Nancy Denson of Athens, Georgia issues World Creativity and Innovation Week Proclamation

dbi_flag_australiaGeelong Regional Library, Australia, Belmont Branch, hosts Geelong Art Five in Action – April 15
Orenda Connections – In Good Company (conference on corporate social responsibility): Toronto, Canada April 12
The In Good Company Corporate Social Responsibility conference, 2011 will bring together thought leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit and academic sectors to explore the evolution of Community Investment, and to share strategies and best practices for creating meaningful corporate community partnerships.
Blogtalk Radio – Igniting Imagination with Nellie Jacobs interviews Marci Segal about Making Opportunity Knock with World Creativity and Innovation Week
World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 (now celebrated in more than 105 communities in 46 countries), award-winning, world-renowned creativity guru Marci Segal, co-founder of WCIW discusses how she has made opportunity knock and offers 5 ways to make it happen.  Click here to listen to the 30 minute interview.
united-states-flagIABC Omaha and Lincoln Redefining Creativity at Work La Vista, Nebraska US April 19, 2011
Featuring creative guru Mimi Sherlock. We’ve got the tools you need to discover your creative style and apply the tenets of creativity to improve collaboration, problem solving and innovation.
Participants will:
• Apply the FourSight Personal Analysis (a $25 value) to examine his or her personal creative style
• Participate in individual and small group interactive activities to apply the strategies to specific situations they face at their companies
• Receive four weeks of follow-up from Ms. Sherlock
8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Contact  lisamstovall@cox.net 402-210-1932
NASA Langley holds Rube Goldberg Challenge April 21NasaLogo_0
NASA Langley Research Center will be holding a Rube Goldberg Challenge. Employees are volunteering & creating teams for the different sections. The experiment will run the first time April 21 at noon. Cross your fingers!

NASA Rube Goldberg Challenge WCIW 2011

Northern NJ CID
Northern New Jersey Creativity and Innovation Day, Creativity, Montville, New Jersey, Unleashes the Power of Creative Imagination April 16
8:30 – 9:00 Breakfast
9:00 – 10:30 Opening Workshop – Unleash Your Creativity with Megan Mitchell & Kristen Peterson
10:30 – 10:45 Break
10:45 – Noon Creativity sessions where novices are welcome. Choose from:
– Learning how to draw a face – Bob Albrecht, New Jersey’s premiere Landscape & Wildlife artist
– Become better at telling stories – Jonathan Murray, New Jersey’s own Irish bard
– Painting pottery – Cheri Saft of Brushes & Bisque
– Playing a ukulele – Tom McMillian, ukulele aficionado
Noon – 12:45 Lunch á la Lake Valhalla
12:45 – 2:00 Creativity Sessions Choose from:
Learning how to draw a face
Become better at telling stories
Painting pottery
Playing a ukulele
2:00 – 3:20 Workshop – Enlightened Innovation with Andrew Pek
3:30 – End
Where: Lake Valhalla Club, Montville, NJ
9:00 – 3:30
Contact: techtao at mac.com
Buffalo, NY – one person’s efforts to make creativity believable – April 16
GTA 05 CID posterColour(final)I will be creating creativity flyers that inspire people to be creative every day. The flyers will also promote World Creativity and Innovation Week.
Creativity Flyers around Buffalo!
Date: Saturday, April 16th, 2011
12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Contact Khrista at : 716-430-9769
The Center for Creative Solutions, North West Indiana, hosts activities for WCIW throughout April
Check out their “Create a New Renaissance” theme for this year, including the 17 events and activities formed to support people accessing their creativity to make a difference. You can contact the Center at 219-861-0955
fort_worth_museum_logoFort Worth Museum, Texas, hosts creative activities to Celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week
Open studios, courses and home schools activities are listed to stimulate the brain and get the creative juices flowingGreat info here.
World Creativity and Innovation Week Collage Party in Buffalo, NY, Familiarizes people with their Creative Process April 20
photo collageOur collage party open house is open to all!  Come prepared to participate in creative conversations and have a fun expressive art experience. We’ll have magazines, glue sticks and paper. Bring your own scissors, and trims/embellishments you found around the house. No need to buy anything. Found objects and photos/images you love will work great. Come when you can and stay as long as you like. Bring a snack or drink to share. Call for details/directions.
Location: Graduate House, Buffalo, NY 14207
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (eastern time)
Contact Marta Ockuly  440-724-4427 magicalmarta@aol.com http://www.JoyofQuotesBlog.com
Citigroup Staffer offers Brainwriting to Better Their Working Environment, April 20, in Buffalo, NY
citigroup_logoAaron Lepsch will bring people together around a shared need and value for creativity and innovation by providing a paper with an explanation of what Brainwriting is and what is does. He will also provide a Brainwriting sheet to each member of his department.
Each individual will be asked to create three ideas around the question: In what ways might we create a better work environment? After they create three ideas, they will pass their sheets to another individual within the department and they will be asked to create three more additional ideas. This will be done until each Brainwriting form is completed. If an individual wishes to provide more ideas, additional Brainwriting forms will be provided.
After this is completed, the Brainwriting sheets will be provided to the Manager for review, who, together with team leaders, will converge and see which ideas are possible to implement.
Citigroup (Getzville, NY) 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Contact Aaron Lepsch 716-730-7098 aaron.lepsch@citi.com http://citi.com
ACE Academy, Austin, Texas, receives Mayor’s proclamation and holds an event for  April 16
Coinciding with World Creativity and Innovation Week, young inventors from ACE Academy will showcase patent-worthy prototypes of original ideas with presentations featuring the full inventive process, from their initial spark of inspiration to the marketing and financing for their invention. “In Austin, our young people are our greatest asset,” said Mayor Lee Leffingwell. “We must continue to encourage our youth to innovate, explore and research. ACE Academy has provided a terrific opportunity for Austin’s youth to discover new horizons.”  Info here.
European Association for Creativity and Innovation issues email greetings to its members for World Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21) (eaci.net)

EACI WCIW Greetings 2011

ACA logoAmerican Creativity Association Chapter in Austin, Texas, sends email with suggestions for your  World Creativity and Innovation Week Celebrations
Click here to view.
EOP Office at Buffalo State, NY, collects creative ideas to use during the week – April 18, 19, 20, 21
Five Minutes of Creativity at Work will inspire believability of everyday creativity. At the Educational Opportunity Program offices at Buffalo State College, a basket was created to submit ideas for Creativity and Innovation week. On April 18, 19, 20 and 21, a creative idea will be chosen from the basket and executed for five minutes from 11:00 a.m. to 11:05 a.m.
The main goal is to show people how easy it is to express their creativity and how fun it turns out to be! At the end of the day, I will post our insights on my blog.
Contact Juliana Sanchez Trujillo julist24@gmail.com http://destinocreativo.blogspot. 716-517-6671
bsorangeBuffalo State’s International Center for Studies in Creativity Grad Students Step UP!
logo-ICSCVery excited here in Buffalo at ICSC. We are having a great time building up to the 15th of April.   Master’s students are sharing creativity websites, writing advocacy letters about creative teaching and learning, and other thought-provoking creativity awareness activities.  There’s also some down right just for the fun of it activities such as  engaging in a virtual dance party on Friday at 1:05pm and decorating the women’s bathroom at BSC to celebrate women’s creativity.  What fun!
You will see lots of increased activity on the many forms of communication out of the center in celebration of Creativity Week.  Check them out during World Creativity Week at:
Current Issues Book Blog City of Buffalo WCIW proclamation 2011
•  Alumni Blog
•  Undergraduate Blog
•  Audio Podcasts
Creativity Enthusiasts:
Follow ICSC on Twitter and become our fan on Facebook.

Creativity and Innovation Week Proclamation from Buffalo’s Mayor Byron Brown

dance_partyFlash mob – Virtual Dance Party – Tuesday April 19th, 1:05 p.m.  Skype
Dr. Cyndi Burnett of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College  is planning a virtual dance party (lasting five minutes) on Tuesday April 19th at 1:05 EST. You will need Skype! argonac@buffalostate.edu.  Join the party!!
Buffalo State International Center for Studies in Creativity Grad Students WCIW 2011 commitments
In Honor of World Creativity Week students in Dr. Keller-Mathers CRS 560 Foundations of Creative Learning graduate class at the International Center for Studies in Creativity www.buffalostate.edu/creativity ended their weekend class by describing how they will deliberately celebrate April 15th- 21st this year.   As a Torrance Incubation Model of Creative Teaching and Learning (TIM) extender activity, students committed to celebrate creativity in the following ways:
Ebony will use deBono’s Six Hats to run her meetings this week. They will all stay focused on a creative way! Lamar will tweet on twitter every hour one day one historical and foundational fact within the field of creativity. Josh will incorporate an extension of the metaphor exercise from synectics and also use deBono’s Six Hats to find out what career and job he wants this summer.  In his next job (soon) he will spread the message and tell them how I reached them, so they see the real utility in the Creative Problem Solving processes I am using.
Nathan will spread the work to clients, to his team and to other colleagues. Amizetta will put up creativity quotes on her quote board at work to share with her co-workers. Brooke will teach her co-workers how to think outside the box and do something new and creative with the customers.
Alexis will share the knowledge she gained from this course and apply a creativity model presented in class to a work task. Chendan will continue to capture the learning in photos of her Master’s level learning, blog in Chinese and practice facilitating. Jaeky will apply William’s Thinking and Feeling Model in the work place and training and find creative ways to deliver the essence of a concept.
One who remains nameless will take a few short moments to look up a creative quote to start each day on a positive not. Angela will facilitate a Creative Problem Solving session to work toward making her school a great school. Shantell will share ideas of new ways to accomplish goals through off beat activities.
Joe will participate in the regular new employee orientation and training program. It will include a charge to the new employees giving them permission and the responsibility to be creative at work. Anne in her weekly e-news communication will inform her customers about creativity week and ask them to up their game for the 2011 event and do something more creative. Letasha will start a creativity blog on Creativity Day and speak to three new people about creativity. Peter will use and introduce Creative Problem Solving at work.
CCCLogo_Color_homeFestival of Fun – An Event to Celebrate World Creativity and Week in Chicago – April 17
17 April · 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Girl Scout’s Journey World. 770 N. Halsted (Halsted & Chicago Ave.) Click here for info.  Great program! Festival of Fun April 17th, 2011
Chicago Creative Community
Celebrating World Creativity & Innovation Week
Presenters Include: Creative Icebreakers (Jean Bystedt), ChiTAG – Inventing Toys & Games (Mary Couzin, Mike Hirtle, Jennifer Rapp Peterson, Mary Kay Russell, May Requilman/Hazel Tabayoyong, Wayne Bancroft & Jeff Wilcox), St. Vitus Workshop – Improvisation Games (Tony Papaleo), Painting on Water (Amy Basic), Discovering Your Passion (Chris Hauri), Emcee—Doug Stevenson Today’s Girl Scouts – Maria Wynne, CEO Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Girl Scouts, “What’s It Like to Be You?” – special guest Ben Hollis, Pecha Kucha (Doug Stevenson, Joni Jackson, Betsy Schmidt), Creative Energizers from GroupStir (Jill Wachholz), “Creative Jam” sing-along (Adam Shames), Hyper-Speed Salon (Diane Fraley), “Creative Jam” sing-along (Adam Shames), The Joys of Creative Youth (Russ Schoen) …
Creative_Women_logoCreative Women Can Tele-summit April 18 – 21. Free.
Join 8 Incredible, Innovative, Adventurous, Inspiring Women to Discover How to Easily & Authentically Unlock your Greatest Potential & Most Significant (& often Untapped) Feminine Asset, Allowing you to Step Up, Step Out & Get Noticed as the Confident, Successful Creative Goddess YOU Deserve to Be. Info: http://www.creativewomencan.com/
Boosting my business
I’ve posted World Creativity & Innovation Week on my company FB page for Creative Sage™:
http://www.facebook.com/CreativeSage — and I’ll be celebrating it with people in person and online all week! Cheers to you all!!
American_University_LogoAmerican University Washington DC‘s WCIW special courses and events for faculty and staff
Leonardo Da Vinci Birthday Party (invitation only event) – April 19
Open programs:
AU Leo's Birthday Party WCIW 2011April 15 – Creative Problem Solving Techniques
April 18 – Giving and Receiving Ideas: How to Influence Acceptance and Realize
April 19 – Lunch and Learn: Unlocking your Creativity in the Workplace
April 21 – Lunch and Learn: Mindgames (with prizes!!)
For info go to www.american.edu/hr/innovation.cfm


Pittsburgh, PA Crew celebrates with Starbucks Creatively Cleaning Up Schenley Park
From Rich Rosen: Just an FYI, I am getting Starbucks involved here in Pittsburgh, and a group of us are going to “creatively” clean up Schenley Park, a popular venue here.
Creativity_Coaching_Association_logoCreativity Coaching Association (CCA) is Celebrating April 19th with a free tele-call.
“FREE” tele-call on Tuesday, April 19, as the CCA’s President Beverly Down interviews Certified Creativity Coach Brecia Kralovic-Logan on The A,B,C’s of Creative Success: 10 Essentials for Nurturing your Creative Growth. The Dial-in number is: 1-218-936-4141  Participant Access Code is: 8673879 # (make sure to hit # after the code). Check out Creativity Coaching Association for further info.
argentina-flagTeacher at Navy School in Rio Santiago, Argentina Teaches Students all week to teach and have  students experience and use their Creativity for World Creativity and Innovation Week.
One of the activities was to improvise a speach to encourage their group to overcome a very difficult situation, which they had to create. We had some great performance and a lot of fun.
Nicaragua‘s Conference on Creativity
Nicaragua is celebrating. I will dictate a conference about Creativity: Theory, blocks and methods to improve it.
Norway_flagNorway‘s free creative seminar
Crea in Grimstad, South-Norway will contribute with a free creative seminar. For information: post at crea.no
malaysia-flagMalaysian Association of Creativity and Innovation – Macri holds events
We decided to have a theme this year…Collaborate…Create…Celebrate… for information: http://www.macri.com.my/CNIW.php
spain-flagRadio Program in Costa Blanca, Spain
thanks to Derek Shields
Woman in Barcelona, Spain has a personal creative business strategies marathon and blogs about World Creativity and Innovation Week (imablumm.wordpress.com)
La Paz, Bolivia Gourmet Celebrates!
El conocido festival gastronómico boliviano presenta las PAELLAS DE ALTURA de “Hispania, el sabor de origen”. Este sábado 16 (a partir de las 18:00 Hrs.) y el domingo 17 al medio día. Una porción de Paella Marinera, o de carne, costará Bs. 20.- por ser el Festival. Saturday at 18:00 – 17 April at 16:00, Salón DIAMOND, Av. Ballivian Esq calle 23 – Calacoto
Cochabamba, Bolivia Celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Week with Dance, Music, Art and More
Info here.
uk-flagRobertson Languages International UK promotes World Creativity and Innovation Week
At Robertson Languages International, we try to take on board the sentiments that this day creates and promote them to our clients. Learning a language takes courage, perseverance and hard work. We offer tailor-made courses to match individual requirements; this requires innovation on our part and yours to successfully master a new language. By demonstrating innovation and creativity over 20 years of business, we have kept abreast of trends in technology and methodology to produce consistent levels of service and fully support the sentiments promoted in the message of World Creativity and Innovation Day.  Info
DMU Business School Library, UK, provides innovation resources for students
This year World Creativity and Innovation Week is April 15th to 21st. To celebrate the week we have a display of books, materials and cases studies in the Library. There is a website that helps you to organise events. Also launched is the StartUp Britain website, backed by Universities UK the campaign, supports and encourages new entrepreneurs, helping them start up their own businesses and creating enterprise societies in Universities.  A site we find useful is the James Dyson Foundation website which gives confidence and hints on how to start up your own business. Also worth a read is a recent survey into graduate entrepreneurship. It was conducted by the National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship (NCGE) entitled The 2010 Survey of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. Info.
German_flagGermany’s Projects and Events for World Creativity and Innovation Week – Idea Rallye and CreaPedia.com
We initiated and sponsored a handfull (plus 2 fingers) events and activities for the Week of creativity … and had (and still have) “serious fun” with that.  The IDEA RALLYE was a great weekend event, with participants from 8 to 68, paired in gropus, acting together and learning from another … many Big Bangs happened.
Additionally we finished the initial phase of CreaPedia, the web-CREATIVITY ENCYCLOPEDIA under http://www.creapedia.com with 1.500 entries and additonal 1.300 glossary remarks (whouw, what an unlimited and breathtaking field creativity is!) and opened it up for new authors to join in; great source with a unique comprehension of applied creativity, unfortunately (so far) German-only.  Stupendous response so far – and fun all over … creativity is alive.
Alan's WCIW 2011 ecardRobert Alan Black of Athens, Georgia sends 1000’s of WCIW e-cards to friends and family worldwide. www.cre8ng.com
holland flagAmsterdam, Holland Celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Week

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