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Creative Actions List for WCIW 2015

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venzeula flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Ciclo de Charlas y Talleres sobre la Creatividad e Innovación.
Aprendizaje en Accion
Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? I’m giving an Online Interview-Master Class with Colleagues, for my Postgraduate Students (Innovation and Co-Creativity) and audiences interested. Is an  open online session at 5pm Miami Time.  It will be in Spanish. We will use  #innovaCocreaLatam with details to follow & participate  via social networks.
Organization: emprender1, Caracas, Venezuela

United States

us flag

VIRGINIA:What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Join us Seal_of_Virginia.svgfor an engaging, highly experiential workshop at the Cville Creativity Network where we’ll explore ancient narrative structures and creative writing best practices…learn key elements that make stories great and how you can use storytelling to market your business, build your personal brand, connect more deeply and truly with clients and contacts, and express your core values in your work. Presented by Elizabeth Derby, writer, journalist, storyteller, and owner of a marketing communications business that specializes in brand storytelling. RSVP at the Cville Creativity Network Meetup: http://bit.ly/1yjWy3d. Charlottesville, Virginia

Seal_of_Texas.svgTEXAS: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Finally finding a publisher for my copyrighted, illustrated-through-flickr, Developmental English/Writing textbook. Working on ever-expanding philosophy statement.  Have published chapter sections as articles for a “composite” sample chapter.  Most of the profits will have to go to a foundation because I’m on Medicare QMB. Organization: SSDI who volunteers, Tyler, Texas, USA

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Celebration of my students’ creativity. Organization: Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX.

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? WCIW Volunteer Spark DallasOpportunities. Our space at SPARK! is quickly changing with more and more opportunities for volunteers to be a part of creating an amazing interactive place for the children of Dallas!  The following dates and times are available for adult volunteers:
Mosaic Tile Project: Saturday, April 11 from 9 a.m. to noon
Creative Installation: Wednesday, April 15 from  9 a.m. to noon
Mosaic Tile Project and Creative Installation: Friday, April 17 from 9 a.m. to noon
Event Preparation: Monday, April 20 from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.

Reserve your volunteer spot by going to our website and clicking on the volunteers button under Support or click this link to register: http://sparkdallas.org/volunteer-sign-up-form/
Organization: SPARK! Dallas, TX, USA

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  We asked for and Austin ACA Proclamation 4.15.15received a proclamation from our mayor proclaiming World Creativity and Innovation Week April l15-21. Organization: American Creativity Association Austin Global, Austin, Texas.  Double click thumbnail to read the proclamation.


Puerto Rico0001PUERTO RICO: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  On April 17 we have the
“Puerto Rico Creative Industries Summit 2015” to celebrate  WCIW.
It will be part of “Puerto Rico American  Cultural Capital 2015”.  (Mayagüez and Puerto Rico were chosen as the American Capital of Culture 2015 by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals.) Additionally we are planning a week-long conference and workshops with design University. Contact: Carlos Soutto, carlos@adncreativo.co, 1-787-902-8108, ADN CREATIVO, LLC

OHIO: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? The Kent State University at Trumbull Library will host a Research, SchOhio_State_Seal,_1967.svgolarship & Creativity Day on Wednesday, April 15 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. in the Lower Commons, located on the first floor of the Classroom Building.

The event allows students to present any faculty-mentored research project, scholarly effort or creative work/presentation, and to share those works with the faculty, staff and students of Kent State Trumbull. Works from any discipline, including humanities and social sciences, are acceptable, while decorative arts and visual and performing arts entries are encouraged. Students may submit a project that was either part of a class or done outside of regular coursework; an essay, literary review, research project, decorative art, performance or any other form of work agreed upon by the student and faculty mentor.Organization: Kent State University at Trumbull Campus Library, Warren, Ohio

NEW YORK: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? My undergraduate students in CRS 304 will again provide a Community ProNew_york_sealblem Solving Day during which they will facilitate problem solving sessions for community clients using the Thinking Skills Model of Creative Problem Solving.  The event will be on April 11.  Organization: International Center for Studies in Creativity,  Buffalo, New York, United States

MASSACHUSETTS:What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? 150px-Seal_of_Massachusetts_(variant).svgHold my first creativity retreat!
Organization: Giulietta the Muse, Near Framingham, Massachusetts.

INDIANA: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? This indiana_sealyear’s regional celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Week focuses on “Hoosier Innovation.” Everyone is invited on the “Passport of Innovation Tour.” It will feature several stops where tourists will marvel at the growth of our society through innovation.

  • The excursion kicks off on Monday, April 20, at Michigan City’s Lake Hills STEM Magnet School. There, participants will pick up their week-long passport. Over 500 young Hoosiers innovators will be showcased, along with a special appearance by Madame C.J. Walker, a/k/a O’Merrial Butchee, and Meinrad Rumely, a/k/a Leigh Morris. They will share what they learned about innovation during their illustrious careers.
  • During the rest of the week, travelers will carry their innovation passports to additional locations. On Tuesday, the La Porte County Convention & Visitors Bureau will have information for innovative tourists to visit about our counties innovators. Wednesday will be “Library Day” with innovation activities at the La Porte County Public Library and Michigan City Public Library. Thursday’s theme is “Discovering Creativity on Your Own.” On Friday, April 24, the Center for Creative Solutions, Inc.™ will present the “CREO!” award to local entrepreneurs for their outstanding contributions to encouraging a culture of innovation. Student awards be distributed and interactive activities will be available for all. Finally on Saturday, tourists will visit the La Porte County Historical Society Museum to learn more about local innovators.

For more details, visit www.centerforcreativesolutions.com Organization: The Center for Creative Solutions, Inc.™ , Michigan City, Indiana

ILLINOIS: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? I am 200px-Seal_of_Illinois.svggoing to take ten minutes everyday to color in a coloring book, breathe deep and write then for 5 minutes…discover your creative edge in 15 minutes a day. Chicago, Il.

FLORIDA: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Florida 200px-Seal_of_Florida.svgFilm Academy, the West Orange Times, Winter Garden Village, Orlando Science Center, Florida Hospital and the RSA have all joined forces to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation week through social media and live micro events that encourage people to “Try Something Different”  #powertocreate #wciw
Organization: Florida Film Academy, Winter Garden, Florida

CALIFORNIA: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Screen the new film “Cracking Your Creativity Code.” Offer a creativity challenge on our California sealsocial media sites.
Organization: Cracking Your Creativity Code, CA, United States

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? The Children’s sanfranciscochildrensmuseumCreativity Museum in San Francisco is celebrating its third annual Creativity Day on Saturday, April 18. This year’s theme, “S.T.E.A.M. Powered Creativity,” will feature innovative programs designed to promote creative thinking in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Families are invited to meet Bay Area innovators and community partners, and enjoy a variety of activities that nurture creativity through hands-on learning experiences and play. Admission is FREE for all ages.
Organization: Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco, California,  United States

ARIZONA: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Sharing thoughts on creativity with the world. I am launching my book, Have you ever had a Hunch? The importance of creative thinking, in a virtual book tour during World Creativity and Innovation Week April 21.
Organization:  EllenPalestrant.com, Arizona, US.

OTHER: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Creative explorations with early childhood light and plastic, USA

United Kingdom

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Our contribution at Open to CUNKG0001reate is to hold one of our most popular events – Dinner & Drawing.

  • Dinner & Drawing is a regular monthly event that brings together like minded individuals in East London and invites them to explore their creativity on a particular subject or them using mixed media, paints, crayons etc and daily items such as newspapers & magazine.
  • We then provide them with a healthy, nutritious home-cooked vegetarian meal and donate 10% of the ticket price to the Hunger Project here in the UK.
  • The theme for the event on Monday 20th April is – Make It Happen Creatively.  We will ask the participants to think of the night as a chance to make their creativity happen in new & quirky ways.  To give themselves an evening away from their usual this and that evening after work, relax in an informal & friendly space, feed their soul, their tummy and let themselves ‘make it’ in new and fun ways…
  • Tickets are priced at £30 and places are limited to a maximum of 7 people.   They can be booked through Eventbrite at – http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/open-to-create-dinner-and-drawing-20th-april-2015-tickets-15496440270?aff=erelexporg
  • Organization: Open to Create, London, United Kingdom

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Join us for a day of Royal Institute of Royal Architectsuninterrupted ‘inspiration hours’ on the theme of ‘Celebrating Creativity’ with friends old and new, including Malcolm Fraser, Sunand Prasad, Chris Loyn and Valerie Mulvin of Dublin architects McCullough Mulvin. April 24, 2015. Packages start at £100 plus VAT for day delegates, with a range of dinner and overnight options also available. Organization: Royal Institute of British Architects, London, United Kingdom

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  To celebrate WCIW brainsparker_logo_spark_tag_colourwe will be launching a “Think Creatively” campaign to our brainsparker app community with daily top tips, free resources and creativity challenges.  We hope that by keeping creativity top of mind for 7 days, our community will feel inspired to step outside their comfort zone, explore the unknown and discover new ways to make their world a better place.

We are passionate about helping people tap into their inner genius, boost their creativity and be more innovative.  Our free brainsparker app (iOS) uses random prompts to disrupt routine thinking, trigger new ideas, overcome blocks and solve problems in life, at work and with creative projects.
Organization: brainsparker,  London, United Kingdom


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? I am interested in CPS. Turkey.

The Netherlands

netherlands_flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Our primary school, Basisschool de Vest, has a Crea morning. Children from 4 to 12 years old have the possibility to experience different kind of hobby’s of people from our village.
They can choose to make cards, nail art, arrange flowers, make jewelry from rubber tyres,  paint with sand, etc.
Organization: Springidee Hoogeloon, The Netherlands

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? 15 april is our National Dawdle Day. And I would like to make it a International Dawdle Day.

  • Leonardo da Vinci once said: “only genius create more by doing less” (Source: How to think like Leonardo da Vinci, Michael J. Gelb). I would like to start the World Wide Creativity and Innovation week with incubation time. To come up with the best ideas, develop and activate ideas we need time to think about it unconsciously. In normal life or during a normal working day most people go on and on and on (like a Duracell bunny) and don’t take time to sit back, lounge around and daydream.
  • The Dawdle Day is not a plea for being lazy. Incubation is most effective when people alternate periods of intensive, focused work with rest time.
  • Everybody who joins in please take 1 minute to share your view with a photo on Facebook or Twitter: wciwglobal and or Springidee.
    Organization: Springidee, Hoogeloon, The Netherlands
  • contact:  info at springidee.nl


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?   I signed up to  do an “explore your  creativity ” workshop for entrepreneur women at the  voluntary organisation where I am leading this group
– I bought the book from Ruth Richards, Everyday Creativity to read
– I am calling together my “share art and creativity” meetup to find new ways how to develop creativity. Baselstadt, Switzerland


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  24 hours of Flag_of_Sweden.svgcreativity and entrepreneurship. On 15 April, students will compete in solving a challenge for the media industry. They will also have the opportunity to listen to the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation.  InfoOrganization:  Jönköping University,  Jönköping, Sweden.


spain_flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  We are preparing a MacroBrainstorming in our city as a part of another bigger event. Our  headquarter will be at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, and several colleges, schools, companies, councils and other universities will participate in order to get as many ideas as we can. Workshops and conferences facilitated with Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Lego Serious Play, Points of You, Lateral Thinking, etc. will aid to this goal in a whole day event on 21th april.
Organization: Entropía: Inteligencia Creativa Estratégica, Valencia Spain

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? We’ve designed one fons-paper-creativitat-b1poster celebrating the WCIW 2015 and generated one post in our WordPress blog talking about  WCIW. https://atcomunicacio.wordpress.com/2015/04/21/inspiracio/ Organization: AT comunicació, Sabadell (Barcelona) Catalonia, Spain


singapore_flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? 3M and the School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST)  have teamed up to ignite young scientific minds to generate solutions that will improve the quality of life across various demographics. The SST-3M Innovation Challenge is an innovation, science, and engineering themed project that targets three specific issues, namely, (1) productivity and teaching aids in education, (2) safety in schools, workplaces, homes and roads, and (3) mobility in an aging population. Proving that one can never be too young to impact society, 200 13-year-old students will develop the prototypes for their solutions using special Innovation Toolkits from 3M and showcase them at a fair in April. 3M, a global company driven by science, will also be providing mentoring help through its staff. Organization: Huntington Communications, Singapore City,  Singapore


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  To celebrate WCIW in Serbia, on the 18th and 19th of April 2015, The Association for the Support of Science, Culture and Art “NOUMENA” from Mladenovac is organizing creative weekend for children and youth consisted of the philosophy interactive workshop in a field of aesthetics and various art workshops that will take place in the open air, engaging whole community in the celebration process. Additionally, as a final event, we will organize an exhibition of art-works created during the weekend. The exhibition will be officially opened on 21st of April. The entire event will take place at secondary school “Technical school Mladenovac” – the municipality of Mladenovac, Belgrade City, with the great support of Belgrade City – Secretariat of Sport and Youth and Youth Offices Mladenovac. Organization: The Association for the Support of Science, Culture, and Art “NOUMENA”, Mladenovac, Belgrade City, Serbia


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Torrance Center® is a Portuguese nonprofit organization which operates at the level of portugal flag4 key skills for the 21st century successful people and institutions: Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. We seek to achieve excellence through creativity and emotional intelligence.

  • During WCIW 2015 Torrance Center® will post and share on Facebook different acts of creativity around the world (https://www.facebook.com/Olimpiadas.de.CriAtividade and https://www.facebook.com/torrancecenter.portugal)
  • Torrance Center® held since January 2015 a set of workshops on Creativity, which will end on 21st April with a great training day for teachers.
  • Between 13th and 21st April, we will launch a big Challenge on Facebook: a great collaborative brainstorming, asking ideas from all Portuguese creative people!
  • On May 13th a meeting with CreAtive Ambassadors to promote creativity and innovation all over the country will take place.
  • For the third consecutive year, Torrance Center® will promote Future Problem Solving Program International, all over Portugal, reaching children, youth, and adults who want to become more creative and consequently be the ones who will promote innovation in our world/country! This is a yearlong program/competition based on Creative Problem Solving process, and its Final Bowl takes place on May 22, 23, 24, with a partnership with Porto University and gathers together each year about 500 creative Portuguese persons.

Organization: Torrance Center®, Porto, Portugal


peru-flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  We are organizing with Peruvian Universities two events:

  • The Meeting of Young Innovators at UCSUR (Southern Scientific University) campus, in the morning.
  • The “Innovation Night” at TELEFONICA Auditorium, in the evening.
  • We expect to have more than one thousand of attendees in both events. We will have at least three international lecturers: Esther Alvarez, from FUNDACION IN-NOVA (Spain), Miryam Lazarte, from STARTUP CANADA (she is a Colombian-Canadian living in Chile), Guillermo Solano, from CENTRO DE INNOVACION (Colombia). Organization: IGECOS – Institute for Knowledge  Management and Sustainability, Lima, Peru

New Zealand

NewZealandflagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Five of the world’s leading creativity experts are converging on Wellington. They will present at the biggest event of its kind ever held in New Zealand, the Creativity Challenge. Their groundbreaking insights will help solve some of the most pressing issues that we are facing in New Zealand – the wealth gap, environmental issues, and large national debt, just to name a few. (April 17 – 19)
Organization: The Learning Connexion, Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Launch new Facebook page to promote and encourage the use of creative thinking.
Organization: Endless Possibilities, Wellington, New Zealand


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? I become a person 300px-Flag_of_Malaysia.svgwho can inspire and influence to other people. Selangor, Malaysia

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?   
Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia or the Malaysian Innovation Foundation ran a series of #POPINNOVATION workshops all around the country, collaborating with various organizations.
From 16 – 18 April we organized the Creativity and Science4U Carnival in Putrajaya Malaysia, bringing together tens of thousands of people from all walks of life to celebrate Creativity and Innovation.
Organization: Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia


malta-flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? We are delivering creativity workshops in schools and at the St James Centre for Creativity in Valletta
Organization: The Edward de Bono Institute for the Design and Development of Thinking,  University of Malta, Msida, Malta

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Students reading for the Master in Creativity and Innovation at The Edward de Bono Institute, University of Malta, are busy preparing for WCIW.  Are you prepared?  Organization: Edward de Bono Institute. Rabat, Malta.

Like the Edward de Bono Institute Facebook page for more about creativity and innovation: https://www.facebook.com/IoTM.uom?fref=ts


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? : On the 14th and Flag_of_Jordan.svg15th April, I am training 100 trainees in 2 workshops, each is 90 minutes, about Creativity and Design Thinking.  A beautiful challenge and I am so much looking forward. Trainees will discover their own creativity, apply design thinking process and finish with a creative product of their own according to the design thinking process. Organization: Coaching2reach, Amman, Jordan



What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  13th Annual CREA Conference in Sestri Levante, Italy, April 15 – 19, 2015.  Four days of creativity and innovation workshops led by professional facilitators providing creativity skill building and experiences.
Info here:  CREA Conference


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Hosting Global 225px-Flag_of_Indonesia.svgInnovation Week April 13 – 17, a unique mentoring and networking opportunity for the emerging 10 finalists of the Global Innovation Competition 2015.

In September 2014, we put out a call for bold solutions to amplify citizen’s voice and promote good governance in 12 countries across Africa and Asia. A total of 241 eligible solutions were submitted from across the globe, with over 25,000 public votes cast in support of submitted ideas.

During the Global Innovation Week held April 13th – 17th in Jakarta, the ten finalists from this competition will pitch their innovations to the competition Jury, work with expert mentors and compete for a grant from a pool of £300,000.

Further information: http://www.makingallvoicescount.org/news/the-global-innovation-competition-week-2015/


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Celebrating the Foundation day of Gujarat Innovation Society and giving away
Innov225px-Flag_of_India.svgation awards during this 4th award ceremony. The information is here and here.
Organization: Gujarat Innovation Society, Gujarat, India

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? We are celebrating with Mumbai Dabbawala, (a tiffin service very unique to people of Mumbai, India) engaging people of Mumbai. Here is the link for the Facebook event:
Creativity Mission India, Mumbai, India

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  I create websites and software. Organization: Soda Softwares Inc. Calicut, India


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  Innovation Night
250px-Flag_of_Germany.svgon April, 16. from 3 pm til open end. The whole team (50 developers, designers, marketeers, texters, pm, management, accountants) is invited to participate to advance some innovative topics. Everyone can submit a project. Results are welcome but not mandatory. Projects can be continued from former / in future Innovation Nights, which we hold every month. Organization: New Communication GmbH & Co.KG, Kiel, Germany

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? “A view beyond the horizon”.  On 5.may we have an “After Workshop – Art meets Kitchen” – for all creative People – we educate people to think in different ways and over borders, for example, to  make new decisions or create new jobs or products. Küche Ahoi! – the best parties and ideas are in the kitchen.   And: We learn people, how to cook vegan or vegetarian. In small groups and with a lot of fun.
Organization: Küche AHOI! Kiel, Germany


Flag_of_Guatemala.svgWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Luncheon of Creative Industries Committee @icreagt
Organization: Independent, Guatemala


IMG_1091-0What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Giving some lectures about creativity and innovation to some young students in Parisian schools. Organization: BEAUTEMPS, Paris, France

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? I  create a website to cluster ideas to wake up my city Le Hhavre http://www.500ideespourlehavre.fr
Organization: 500 id pour lh, Le Havre, Francee


800px-Flag_of_Colombia.svgWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  We are organizing 6 different activities (13 to 18 of April) in 6 different co-working spaces. Our objective is to connect companies and people interested in learning and sharing experience in Creativity and Innovation.
Info: iku.innovation@gmail.com
Official link – http://crea-inn-week-2015.iku.com.co/
Interview Here: http://www.bluradio.com/95536/colombia-sera-sede-de-la-semana-mundial-de-la-creatividad-y-la-innovacion
News: http://colombia-inn.com.co/bogota-celebra-semana-mundial-de-la-creatividad-y-la-innovacion/
Organization: IKU & partners, Bogotá, Colombia

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Campechas o Hamacas en Cuero.  Organization: BAM, Casanare, Columbia





ALBERTA: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Begin involvement with WShield_of_Alberta.svgCIW 2015 — establish an area of following organization
Fundamentals Training & Consulting
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Hold a conversation with concerned citizens, the mayor and member of legislative assembly,  about creativity and innovation in relation to community potentials.  Canmore, Alberta.

bc-armsBRITISH COLUMBIA: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  I will be teaching an iPad painting workshop on Vancouver Island on Saturday, April 18, 2015.

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? I want the World to see my Art works. Organization: Artist, Victoria, British Columbia

Ontario crestONTARIO: What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Hosting OPS [Ontario Public Service] #WCIW 2015: a week of workshops and events.
i5 OPS Innovation Community of Practice, Ontario,  Canada

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? We are launching Cosmological Garden Services this year on Leonardo DaVinci’s 11129647_394691757378002_2972787789750155549_nbirthday (April 15). Cosmology is the study of whole worlds and the universe. Cosmological garden designs will include representations of balance and wholeness.We are engaging local students, elders, entrepreneurs and ‘network thinkers’ within a gardening community that creates calming and inspirational spaces for residents and corporate clients.The creative atmosphere of producing and refreshing ourselves in gardens is very attractive. We experience our values reflected back to us from our surroundings.If a resident wants to benefit the neighbourhood then we build a website for coordinating how we create a garden or park. We combine skill-set development with mentoring that qualifies youth for part-time income. We sometimes draw on a roster of imaginative entrepreneurs. Neighbours can recognize how to offer plants and landscaping items – sometimes for free – reducing the amount a neighbourhood sends to landfill.

Corporate clients have options of using our website and facilitation services so that the local community arrive at mutual fulfillment in ways that enhance their image as a creative partner.

They can network with other companies with similar values in other sectors to reduce marketing costs and increase your returns on investment.

When the residents and companies in a neighbourhood come together then more of us will get the garden we want, becoming Gardeners of Paradise, improving our urban surroundings as we help the local ecology.

Congratulations World Creativity and Innovation Week! We all win in a more creative world! Organization: Columbus Centre Athletic Club, Toronto, Ontario


brazil-flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? Spread stories that become other stories, bonding people, linking worlds and  curating curiosity! Organization: Cultura Inglesa (Portuguese)  (English) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Australia flagWhat is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015? ‘Thriving.’  ideas for Aged community engagement in  education. Organization: University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?   Emphasise the importance of risk taking and how innovation and risk taking are inextricably linked. Organization: DSITI (Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation), Brisbane, Australia

What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  This annual URBNElogocommunity-driven Festival aims to change people’s perception of urban spaces by turning uninspiring and one-dimensional areas into vibrant destinations, attracting thousands to ingenious pop-up activities for all to enjoy.  Based on the concept of ‘tactical urbanism’, it’s about making small temporary changes to urban spaces, inspiring the local community to think of new ideas for the city.

This year’s Festival theme is ‘Urban Acupuncture’ with a range of urban activities grouped into three themes:

  • Body Revitalisation – yoga in the park, walking tours, skateboarding competitions, and sporting activities.
  • Soul Inspiration – art installations, creative lighting projects, live street art, music events, and creative design workshops, and
  • Mind Interventions – industry events, community consultation activities, and public discussions.

Organization: UR{BNE} Collective, http://www.urbne.com Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


What is your act of creativity for WCIW 2015?  This year’s goal is 240px-Flag_of_Argentina.svg‘Constructive Creativity,’ an invitation to give something of ourselves to others: ideas, time, knowledge or art, etc. Objects can be ‘intervened’ by artists and/or art aficionados and then donated to a space or project that focuses on children or the elderly. The objects or photo testimonies of the work will be on display during the month of June. We do hope you join in the celebration!
Organization: abCreativa WCIW Zona Norte
Buenos Aires Province, Argentina


6 thoughts on “WCIW 2015”

  1. Congratulations for the initiative. In Peru, we are starting to organize our first WICW this April at University of Lima, but we need to have your authorization in order to use the name and the logotypes, and any reference to all you as the global leaders of this initiative. Could you be so kind as to send me all the requirements we must fulfill to be an official representative of your organization in Peru?

    1. Thank you Fernando, this is wonderful news! You have my authorization to use the name and logotypes. The name is World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, also we call it WCIW April 15 – 21 and WCIW.

      In getting ready for your preparations, please keep in mind that WCIW is like Mother’s Day, or Earth Day or Christmas. Our goal is for everyone to celebrate using new ideas, new decisions and new actions that make the world a better place and make their place in the world better too. There are so many ways to celebrate.

      Although not required, we are setting up now a way for people to make donations to keep the website going. When we get enough funds we will be able to improve the website and achieve a higher level of organization.

      Does this provide the right information for you? Please let me know. Also, please remember to post your WCIW action here http://bit.ly/15PUuHk

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