Save the Dates: April 15-21 for World Creativity and Innovation Week

Greetings all. Remember to post a calendar reminder to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15-21 this (and every) year.reminder_icon

Which new ideas, new decisions and/or new actions will you honor in 2014? How might you give attention to creativity and innovation April 15-21 World Creativity and Innovation a Week (WCIW)?

This year I’m thinking about ways to help people get over the hurdle of choosing how to celebrate WCIW. So many say they like the idea of WCIW and In the same breath ask, “what should we do?” This has been going on since the beginning in 2001.

So I’ve begun to ask “what’s that about? Why are people puzzled about how to celebrate our creative capacity for innovation?”

Do you have insights, theories, reasons, guesses, about why people ask how to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week? Please share your point of view. Somehow, together, I know we’ll find ways to overcome the hurdle so we can all honour our innate nature to make the world a better place and make our place in the world better too. New ideas, new decisions, new actions. Creativity is in you…use it…go!

News: we’re updating the website. Stay tuned.

icon-calendarClick to mark your calendars to celebrate WCIW April 15-21with me this year.


Marci Segal, MS
WCIW founder

0 thoughts on “Save the Dates: April 15-21 for World Creativity and Innovation Week”

  1. Creativitiy all and every time, everything, for everyone.
    Develop in University and Community little group, and School group TRIPARTITAS (parents, students and teachers).
    A creative Hug,
    Antonio Basuri

  2. We’ll probably hold our 4th Annual Charlottetown PEI Earth Expo April 21 since it’s holiday Easter Monday, and we’ll be emphasizing Creative and Innovative Solutions! It’s also John Muir’s birthday!

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